Welcome back!

Welcome back!

By: Natalia Garcia Luna

Hey everyone! I hope you’ve all had a great start of the school year. I just want to start off and say thank you. Thank you so much for allowing me to start this journey. Three months ago, I received my Girl Scout Gold Award. I couldn’t have done that without you guys! I also want to thank my team for always going above and beyond with their roles in this project. Speaking about my team, I would like to introduce two new members of the team: Dalimar Rentas and Patricia Gonzalez. They are both High School Seniors who are very excited about creating more content for you guys! We plan on talking about applying to college, how to handle the stress of senior year, overthinking, etc. If you have a specific topic you want us to talk about, just fill out the survey on our Instagram (@overcoming_negativity) bio!

I bit about myself. I am currently a freshman at Villanova University majoring in Biology. Even though I am not in high school anymore, I am very excited about creating content on how college life is, so stay tuned! So far, I have learned so many things about college that I can’t wait to talk about. Remember that our team will always be there to listen to your concerns or how we can make this project better. Again, thank you so much for following us on this journey and we hope that you can enjoy this year’s content!

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