We are a small team of high school juniors who have a goal of helping teenagers be mentally healthy so they can conquer the world!

Natalia Garcia Luna

Team Leader

My name is Natalia Beatriz García Luna. I am from Ponce, Puerto Rico. I am Overcoming Negativity’s team leader! I am part of Girl Scout’s Troop 379. I have chosen to start this project because I want to help teenagers who have felt lost or alone in these unprecedented times. Hopefully, we can guide you to have a more positive and happy life!

Juan Rovira 

Notification Manager

Hello everyone! My name is Juan Sebastian Rovira Luna. I am from Ponce, Puerto Rico. I plan on studying and focusing on graduating high school to start a Business major at the university that best interests me. I hope to help others spread positivity in this world!

Laura Bigay

Social Media Manager

My name is Laura Cecilia Bigay Ojeda. I am from Ponce, Puerto Rico. I have two sisters and two dogs. When I go to college, I want to study Digital Media. I aspire to become a person who marks the world. With this project, I want to help and move others to be happy. 

Arturo Zayas

Website Administrator

Hi! My name is Arturo Zayas. I am from Peñuelas, Puerto Rico. I am a Boy Scout Troop 514. I live with my 4 siblings and 6 pets. I aspire to be a gastroenterologist when I grow up. With this project, I hope to help students have a good mental health and enjoy life. 

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