Natalia Garcia Luna


My name is Natalia Beatriz García Luna. I am from Ponce, Puerto Rico. I am Overcoming Negativity’s founder! I chose to start this project in February of 2021 as my Girl Scout Gold Award. I started this project with my very close friends Laura Bigay, Juan Rovira, and Arturo Zayas. I chose to start this project because I want to help teenagers who felt lost or alone in these unprecedented times. As the project grew, I realized how important mental health really is. During the last year, I had other close friends help me as well. These were Dalimar Rentas, Jan C. Santiago, and Ana P. Oquendo. Ever since I started this project, this website has reached 39 countries and I have received a special scholarship from the Girl Scout organization that selects one Gold Award Girl Scout from each council. I started this project in high school with one mindset, and now I am reimagining this project as a college student with a new purpose. I am thankful for everyone that has helped make this project possible. Hopefully you stick around and join as we overcome negativity.

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