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Step Out of the Box

“People moving all the time inside a perfectly straight line. Don’t you ever just wanna curve away?” This lyric is from one of my favorite Coldplay songs called “Strawberry String.” I think it is a great lyric that relates to what I want to talk about today. Hey everyone! I hope you are having a…Continue reading »

Here’s To New Beginnings!

Hey everyone! It’s been a long time since I have come on here, and for that I am so sorry. Ever since I wrote my last post on here, I have become a completely new person. I have taken some time to rediscover myself and overcome so many different challenges life has thrown at me….Continue reading »

The Gut-Brain Connection

The gut-brain connection is exactly what it sounds like, a connection between your gut and your brain, but it might not be what you think. In the gut-brain connection, studies have shown that anxiety can link to stomach problems and stomach problems can link to anxiety. People might often ask “Do you have butterflies in…Continue reading »


Hello everyone, in this blog we’re going to be discussing the topic of being indecisive. For some people, one of the most important decisions of your life is right around the corner(choosing the university you wish to go to) or maybe you have a difficult decision you need to take because of the circumstances of…Continue reading »

How to be more present 

Being present is not as easy as it sounds. We spend most of our day worrying about something that happened yesterday or overthinking about the future. Being present means being focused on one thing only, without having distractions or thinking about other things. Once you begin to become present you tend to be happier and…Continue reading »

Time Management

By: Ana Oquendo  Hi everyone, welcome back! This week I’m going to go over ways to improve our time management. Sometimes we feel as if we spend more time procrastinating than actually getting work done. This is due to poor time management skills. Don’t get me wrong, every often we need breaks, but we shouldn’t…Continue reading »

What To Do Where You’re Burn Out

Hello! This week, we’re going over What To Do When You’re Burnt Out. Think about it and ask yourself, have I been burnt out lately? Maybe with school, college, work, dancing, singing, playing games, among others. Some of these, like work, we will be doing every day and will continue to do for the rest…Continue reading »

Toxic Friends

Welcome back, in last week’s blog we learned about how to find good friends. We explained that a healthy friendship would be one that’s loyal and accepts you for who you are in good and in bad times. Also they will support you, comfort you, and help you when you are most in need. To…Continue reading »

How To Find Good Friends

By: Jan Santiago Hello everyone! In today’s blog, I’m going to be discussing the topic of good friends. In life, your personality and the way you act are influenced by the people that you care about. This could be friends, your favorite artist, family, teacher, etc. But the most that influence you are your friends….Continue reading »

Adapting To Change

By: Ana Oquendo Hey guys, I hope you’ve all enjoyed your week! For today’s topic, I am going to talk about adapting to change. Many of us are going through small life changes, while others through massive ones. Regardless, every little to a big change in our lives is important and we need to adapt…Continue reading »


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