Here’s To New Beginnings!

Here’s To New Beginnings!

Hey everyone! It’s been a long time since I have come on here, and for that I am so sorry. Ever since I wrote my last post on here, I have become a completely new person. I have taken some time to rediscover myself and overcome so many different challenges life has thrown at me. I have completed my first year of college, and as of next week, I will be starting my second year! This year has been very hard for me mentally, but there have been more lessons than burdens. I have learned the importance of letting go and turning the page, the hardships of recovering from losing someone you love when you are oceans away, and how listening and patience will always be powerful.  

Something I had forgotten about this year is how much I love to write and express myself through words. I had failed to recall how much joy this website I created a year and a half ago with my friends used to bring me, the joy that helping others bring me. I am constantly trying to help others, whether it’s my friends with homework or my family around the house. But nothing is the same as helping others through writing about important topics, such as mental health.

So, this year, I will be back on here writing as I used to do, helping others as I always do, and be just as passionate as I always will be. I will write on the lessons I have previously mentioned in this post, topics concerning how the lack of knowledge on mental health affect our modern world, the science of our minds can affect our bodies, and so much more! I am very excited for everything that is to come, and I hope you join in on the journey as we overcome negativity.

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