The Gut-Brain Connection

The Gut-Brain Connection

The gut-brain connection is exactly what it sounds like, a connection between your gut and your brain, but it might not be what you think. In the gut-brain connection, studies have shown that anxiety can link to stomach problems and stomach problems can link to anxiety. People might often ask “Do you have butterflies in your stomach?” or “Do you feel nauseous” and these are usually asked to see how you might be feeling at the time, whether that be angry, anxious, sad, among many other feelings. 

With that being said, the connection goes both ways. Your gut can send signals to the brain and the brain can send signals to the gut. As a result of this, your brain and gut can communicate with each other on how they might be in trouble and as an outcome, we see the issue we all deal with from time to time; feelings and emotions that we do not want.

Some common symptoms that you might find include, but are not limited to:








Abdominal cramps

Loose stools

After learning about the gut-brain connection, ask yourself, have I ever felt this connection before? Has this ever affected me? Why did this happen to me? Who or what might have caused it? Will it happen again? 

The gut-brain connection is no joke. There will be times in your life when you might have a presentation, go to an interview, run around, talk to new people, or do any other activity, and these can and most likely will cause some level of stress, anxiety, and nervousness. 

Overall, all of these feelings and emotions are entirely normal, but, if they happen too much, at random moments in time, for no reason, seek some help and do some extra research on where your specific problem might be rooting out from. When seeking help, ask a friend, teacher, boss, parents, and even a doctor; after all, studies have found that psychologically-based approaches lead to greater improvement in gut-brain connections. 


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