Hello everyone, in this blog we’re going to be discussing the topic of being indecisive. For some people, one of the most important decisions of your life is right around the corner(choosing the university you wish to go to) or maybe you have a difficult decision you need to take because of the circumstances of your life, and this is why we want to do this article so you can make the best decision possible. The most common reason why people are indecisive is the fear of making the wrong decision. This is because you can think about how others would think about the decision that you’re making or maybe the stress of the consequences of your actions.

Being indecisive isn’t that bad because you second guess your decisions which gives you the time to think about it more, but if you think about it too much it’s going to be a problem. Because this could turn out in a bad situation, this is some ways to overcome this indecision:
1) Forget the fear of making a bad decision- think about the pros and cons of the decision so you can be sure of making the right decision.
2) Tune into your emotions- people tend to overthink the situation because the information that you researched isn’t helping in assuring your decision, think about what is best for you as a person.
3) Practice on the small stuff- Start by making a small decision so you can be ready for a big decision
4) Ask yourself: Would this affect me in 10 years?- If your answer is yes you should think about the decision precisely, but if your answer is no, then you shouldn’t worry about it that much. This could help in calming you down and relieving stress.
5) Learn to trust yourself-
Don’t doubt yourself too much and trust yourself in the decision you make. If you thought about it well and thought about every situation possible(good or bad) then you shouldn’t be doubting yourself so much.

We hope that this blog has helped you in some way. Feel free to approach us in any situation or doubt you have. Thank you and Goodbye!!!


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