How to be more present 

How to be more present 

Being present is not as easy as it sounds. We spend most of our day worrying about something that happened yesterday or overthinking about the future. Being present means being focused on one thing only, without having distractions or thinking about other things. Once you begin to become present you tend to be happier and more complete. You can fix your problems not only in a physical way like exercising but also in a mental way like meditation.

Some ways to become more present:

  1. Practice mindful eating- When we do this we can engage all senses and take the time to savor a meal.
  2. Pause screen time- Allow yourself sometime each day to turn off your phone. To think about your priorities, how you are feeling, and things you never think about when you are too busy.
  3. Build a routine- Routines help us stay on track, having a routine that’s focused just on you helps you become more aware of things.
  4. Journal– Setting your goals and reflecting on your day helps you get better at staying present. 

Even though this takes time and effort, in the end, all will be worth it.


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