Time Management

Time Management

By: Ana Oquendo

 Hi everyone, welcome back! This week I’m going to go over ways to improve our time management. Sometimes we feel as if we spend more time procrastinating than actually getting work done. This is due to poor time management skills. Don’t get me wrong, every often we need breaks, but we shouldn’t let these breaks turn into excessive amount of hours. Poor time management skills can affect your personal life, professional life and mental state(lack of sleep, unhappiness, health complications and stress). Everyone’s time is valuable so we should all have a good time management. Time management is very important in order for you to increase effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity. Some ways you can improve your time management are: 

  1. Start your tasks early– If you have the chance to start a task early, this will help you not miss deadlines and in general build a better work quality since you have more time to analyze the task. 
  • Do not multitask– Multitasking works for some people but most of the time it slows us down and affects your focus on what needs to get done. 
  • Set limits to what you’ll say yes to– Sometimes it’s hard for us to say no to an opportunity, but when we accept too many responsibilities it’s hard to give each the same time and dedication. 
  • Schedule your tasks and their deadlines– Making a to-do list always help us remember which tasks we need to do and delegate time to complete each task. 





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