What To Do Where You’re Burn Out

What To Do Where You’re Burn Out

Hello! This week, we’re going over What To Do When You’re Burnt Out. Think about it and ask yourself, have I been burnt out lately? Maybe with school, college, work, dancing, singing, playing games, among others. Some of these, like work, we will be doing every day and will continue to do for the rest of our lives up until we retire, meaning we will eventually get tired from it. It happens to everyone and it’s a normal feeling that affects people every day. All in all, after reading more about being burnt out, you will see a change in your everyday life, not only physically but mentally as well.

Here are some signs when you might be feeling burnt out:

  1. Forgetfulness
  2. Difficulty concentrating
  3. Losing sight of yourself and your goals
  4. Easily frustrated and irritated
  5. Tensions, pains, fatigues

Now that we know the signs, here are some ways on how to improve:

  1. Analyze yourself and your current situation
  2. Look for support by asking your guardians, friends, loved ones for advice and support 
  3. Find out the problem and work your needs
  4. Prioritize what’s important
  5. Have other people help you out, don’t do it all on your own
  6. Set your own boundaries
  7. Take time for yourself
  8. Remember what makes you happy
  9. Make a list of accomplishments
  10. Spend time with close friends and family
  11. Pray, meditate, yoga
  12. Take a break from social media

Overall, try to do activities that are different from what you constantly do and take a break to recharge yourself to feel better. Step away from what you were doing and go back to it at a later date. Feel free to ask around for help as getting help is always better than doing things on your own. 

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