Toxic Friends

Toxic Friends

Welcome back, in last week’s blog we learned about how to find good friends. We explained that a healthy friendship would be one that’s loyal and accepts you for who you are in good and in bad times. Also they will support you, comfort you, and help you when you are most in need. To compare, a toxic friendship would be one that puts you down, gossips a lot, breaks your trust, compares you to other people, and puts themselves as the center of attention all the time.

Even though it might not seem as much, a toxic friendship can affect you. They can become draining and mentally exhausting. It can affect your confidence, you might feel unsupported, and you might feel lonely.

Here are some tips if you realized you have a toxic friendship:

  • Have a conversation- Talk to your friend. This will help you understand their point of view of things. 
  • A second chance is OK- Sometimes people don’t know that they are hurting you in some sort of way. Some people do need a little extra support to know what’s right and what’s wrong.
  • Set Boundaries- Explain to your friend what things they are doing that you don’t like. Make it clear that you won’t accept something.
  • Take some time alone- This will help see how your life changes without the toxic friend around. This would help you sort your feelings and get clarity.
  • Move on- In the end, you will feel better and be proud of yourself for walking away from a toxic friendship.


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