Adapting To Change

Adapting To Change

By: Ana Oquendo

Hey guys, I hope you’ve all enjoyed your week! For today’s topic, I am going to talk about adapting to change. Many of us are going through small life changes, while others through massive ones. Regardless, every little to a big change in our lives is important and we need to adapt to it. This is because change is the one constant thing in our life. We are constantly changing our mindset, surroundings, age, etc… Though sometimes we think that our life would’ve been better off without change, every change in our life is essential for inner growth. Adaptability is necessary for us to learn because it will help you thrive in whichever change you find yourself. Especially freshman’s in college should learn tips for adapting to change, since they are experiencing being away from their family, meeting new friends, and overall encountering new things. Furthermore, here are some tips for adapting to new surroundings: 

Changing your mindset: Look for the positive things you like in a change and embrace them.

Give yourself time: Not every time adaptation will be quick. That’s why it’s important to acknowledge what’s going on and what will be your new goals.

Talk to others and access support: Making new friends or joining new clubs will probably reduce your stress from change. Also the people you meet along the way can help with support. 

Let go of the past: If you only focus on what happened in the past, you won’t be able to enjoy the present. The only control you have now is to choose for your present life and the future.

To conclude this topic, nothing in our life can remain unchanged so we need to adapt to new things and work on how we manage change. I hope that you all enjoyed and learned from this blog. Thank you for reading! 

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