Maturing and Growing Up

Maturing and Growing Up

Hey guys! For this week’s topic, I am going to talk about maturity and growing up. From what I have heard from my friends, most of them have wanted to grow up fast, but do we truly know what being matured and the responsibilities we have to go through as adults are. Growing up is not an easy task; it comes with many trials and errors.

What is growing up? Growing up is advancing to maturity, developed into an adult. Maturity is when a person is fully grown, can reason a course of action, and does not get too happy or too sad about the final results. 

Things to know if you have grown up or matured:

  1. You listen more and talk less- Hearing more will give you more confidence in what you are talking about and you will gain more information. You let other people shine. You stopped gossiping and think that it’s useless.
  1. You read more- You spend time reading, learning more, and becoming more aware of your things.
  1. You take care of yourself- Taking care of yourself is essential, this will help you do better in life. You speak up for yourself. You don’t hurt yourself for others.
  1.  You take time more seriously- You cut off people who waste your time. You enjoy being productive and spending time alone.
  1. Your circle of friends is a bit smaller- You realized which friendships in your life truly hold great value and which ones do not. You cherish the friends that are always there when you need them.

To sum it up, growing up is a beautiful thing and it’s something we are all going to go through. It may be tough but we will learn from those mistakes and become better human beings.


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