How to Find Self Love

How to Find Self Love

By: Jan Santiago

Hey everyone! For today’s blog, I am going to talk about self-love. Self-love is really important in your life because it affects you a lot, for example, confidence, how you act with others, etc. For people that are not familiar with this topic, self-love is all about appreciating yourself, accepting who you are, and it can be shown in many ways such as: 

  • Prioritizing yourself 
  • Being nice to yourself
  • Setting healthy boundaries

Self-love helps you make healthy decisions for yourself and makes you happier overall. However, for some people, finding self-love is a hard task no matter what. That is why I am writing this blog today! Some simple ways to practice self-love are:

  • Stop comparing yourself to others– This action is natural, but it doesn’t mean it’s good. There is only one you on this planet and that’s who you should focus on.
  • Don’t worry about others’ opinions– You don’t have to satisfy everyone because you come first.
  • Trust yourself– We doubt ourselves too much; you should have confidence in what you are doing.
  • Put yourself first– You should think about what makes you happy.
  • Be kind to yourself– This is not an easy task with all the negative people in the world, but you shouldn’t be hard on yourself; celebrate the little things that you accomplish in life! 

To sum it up, finding self-love is all about being kind to yourself no matter what other people tell you. If you wish to know more about this topic, let us know!!


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