Fun Ways to De-Stress

Fun Ways to De-Stress

Hi, my name is Laura and I have been stressed with school ever since I started high school. Like many students today, stress is the number one feeling everyone has. People don’t know how to overcome it. I have discovered some easy fun ways that have helped me and I want to share them with you!

  1. Getting into water can help you to feel refreshed and relaxed.
  • Take a shower
  • Go to the beach or pool
  1. COLOR: You don’t have to have any skill at art, just do it.
  • Draw or doodle
  • Paint
  1. Family and Friends: Support from your friends and family can help you get through stressful times.
  • Facetime your friends 
  • Spend time with family
  1. Watch a MOVIE: Easy way to indulge and relax.
  • Comedy 
  • Action
  1. Listen to MUSIC: Get lost in some tunes, find your happy place.
  1. STRETCH: It releases tension and gains flexibility.
  • Watch stretching videos
  1. Chew some GUM: It lowers stress.
  1. Spend time with your pets: Petting animals releases good hormones in humans.
  • Go on a walk with them
  • Cuddle with your pet
  1. Spend time ALONE: 
  • Take a walk
  • Self reflect or journal
  1. BREATHE: You’re human, we all make mistakes. Let go of things that are dragging you down.

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