Approaching Different Learning Methods

Approaching Different Learning Methods

Hello everyone! So, Juan previously went over the different styles of learning, but he didn’t go over how to study for those. Today, we will be learning about different ways to approach each and every studying method.

As Juan stated before, there are 7 different methods of learning, but remember, you can be a combination of two or more learning methods.

Visual Learners

  • Utilize a drawing board or smartboard
  • Watch others as they do what you’re learning
  • Use charts and graphs
  • Play flashcard games
  • Use slideshows, presentations, etc.

Auditory Learners

  • Spell words out loud, maybe sing them
  • Record information and re-hear it
  • Practice in front of a mirror or some plush toys
  • Listen to music 
  • Listen to audio-books

 Reading/Writing Learners

  • Take a ton of notes and rewrite them to memorize
  • Use fun and different colors in your notes
  • Use bullet points and lists
  • Make drawings to signify something you can use to associate with your memory

Kinesthetic Learners

  • Design and create different graphs
  • Use gestures to represent keywords
  • Listen to songs
  • Play some games 
  • Do exercises or problems with your hands

Logical Learners

  • Search up and provide statistics and facts
  • Utilize critical thinking exercises
  • Complete problem-solving tasks
  • Learn by using different orders, steps, logic, facts, etc.
  • Use maps and diagrams

Social Learners

  • Utilize video-sharing platforms or join webinars
  • Team-Based games
  • Visit blogs
  • Engage in studying with others and class discussions
  • Have a tutor or someone else to learn with

Solitary Learners

  • Use a journal or diary
  • Tell people to give you space, peace, and quiet to be able to study
  • Study individual problem-solving exercises
  • Create study guides and read them on your alone time
  • Read books you like on your own


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