Different Types of Learning

Different Types of Learning

By Juan Rovira

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Hey, guys! It’s Juan and today I was wondering what are your guy’s style of learning. It is very important to know your learning style so you can find the most effective study method that best fits your study habits.

These are 7 methods of learning. Remember, you can be a combination of two or more study methods. 

Visual Learners:

  • Visual learners need to see the information to understand and process it.
    • For example, when they are reading a history book they prefer to have pictures to look at so they can use a form of association with memory. 
  • These learners are not easily distracted and enjoy planning. 

Auditory Learners:

  • Auditory learners prefer to retain information when they hear it
  • This means they understand and remember new concepts better by sounds
  • Most students like this tend to not take notes at all in classrooms
  • Sometimes it can be considered distracting as their major way of learning new information when it’s just basically concentrating on hearing
    • For example, they tend to succeed more when it comes to group work if they discuss the material orally
    • When it comes to reading a piece of writing, reading the paper and listening to what is being said, helps auditory learners think to better

Reading / Writing Learners:

  • These type of learners seek more passion in note-taking to better understand new information
  • They are also likely to do plenty of research on any desired topic that is mostly expressed with words

Kinesthetic learners:

  • Kinesthetic learners are the most active when it comes to participating in a physical role in the classroom
  • Sometimes mistaken with “tactile learners” which mostly use one sense (touch)
  • These types of learners tend to use all 5 senses when it comes to learning a new piece of information
  • They are very energetic and they may have a preference for “getting their hands dirty”
  • In the classroom, they are not very excited for which not everything is an activity where one can participate in and stay active on
    • For example, some use the method of flashcards when it comes to reviewing so they can keep their mind active in the flipping and switching action of the cards
  • These type of learners in the classroom tend to over excel in Science labs and/or other physical activities that keep their mind moving and learning at the same time, making them learn in a productive way

Logical Learners

  • Logical learners usually like using their brain for logical and mathematical reasoning
  • They are easily able to recognize patterns and connect concepts.
  • Their main form of learning comes from grouping and classifying information. 
  • They also excel in numbers and complex calculations.

Social Learners

  • Social learners excel at socializing and communicating with people. 
  • They are often approached for advice because of their “apparent sensitivity” and motivations. 
  • Are very good listeners and can easily correlate with others

Solitary Learners

  • Solitary learners tend to prefer a more private and independent form of learning.
  • Their concentration levels excel when there are no distractions present and if they are alone.
  • They are more confident and show off the best of their abilities when they do it on their own time and pace




Hope I helped you guys in discovering other types of learning methods that can best help you in your studies!

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